Gunman falls asleep trying to hold hotel guest hostage

Rule No. 1 when trying to hold someone hostage: stay awake.

A Florida gunman dozed off while trying to keep a hotel guest captive, allowing the terrified person to flee, according to the Panama City News Herald.

It all started when Jerry Mills Jr. knocked on the door of a hotel room at a Days Inn in Panama City on Saturday. When the guest opened the door, Mills displayed his gun and threatened to shoot, according to authorities.

Mills and the guest remained in the room “for an extended period of time” before the gunman fell asleep, according to the newspaper.

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The hotel guest took advantage of the opportunity and left the room.

Later, the 36-year-old Mills pulled out his gun during an exchange with three clerks at the front desk. Mills pulled the trigger repeatedly and yelled “bang,” according to the newspaper, but the weapon did not go off.

The suspect was taken into custody on Saturday night. He was hit with a series of charges, including four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and false imprisonment, according to the News Herald.

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