Colo man. gets prison time after botched pot deal

Maybe they’ll serve broccoli in prison.

A Colorado drug dealer gets 16 years after shooting at customers angry he had sold them broccoli disguised as marijuana. 

Sababu Colbert-Evans’ partner-in-crime, Tercell Davis, had tricked two prospective pot buyers into dishing out $10,000 in exchange for a bag of broccoli, ABC7 in Denver reported.

The buyers later realized they had bought the healthy vegetable instead of the marijuana. Enraged, they arranged another meeting on March 15 under different names in the parking lot of a shopping center in Aurora. They hoped to get real marijuana this time or their money back.

The March shooting was sparked by a marijuana deal gone bad.

(9 News)

Undeterred, Colbert-Evans and Davis, who goes by the nickname “22 Jump Street” once again brought another bag of broccoli to the drug deal to try to fool them again. That made the two customers really angry and a fight erupted. The dealers opened fire at them 11 times, striking one of them in the torso. The victim eventually recovered.

In May, a jury convicted Colbert-Evans, 26, of attempted first-degree murder. In addition to his sentence, Colbert-Evans will be on parole for five years after his release.

Davis pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree murder and is scheduled to be sentenced on Aug. 7.


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